Physical Therapy | Patient education improves compliance

Physical Therapy Billing | patient educationIn a recent survey on the benefits of patient education used by physical therapists the general consensus was that educated patients are more compliant with their care plans.

“It would add immensely to the comfort a patient has with his/her diagnosis and make them both more compliant in taking their medications as well as feeling more empowered about their own health care,” says Erin Stevenson, an independent Hospital & Health Care Professional. “Also, patients could ask more pointed, better defined questions regarding their present and future health around their current situation and finally, it could compress the patient-provider time required to get to the underlying cause of their illness and expedite not only the exam time, but deepen the provider’s knowledge about the patient’s past history and hopefully allow providers the opportunity to see more patients.”

Sixty percent of the survey respondents believe the greatest benefit of using a patient education system integrated into your physical therapy software is the improved compliance of patients to the treatment plan.

“The patient, seeing the added benefit would certainly let friends and family know and extol the virtues of their new found knowledge.” agrees Michael Hughes with Creative at Forte Holdings. “Patient Education system would act as a ‘wow’ factor to justify perhaps the cost of care to patients based off seeing what all goes into the care and what kind of conditions/solutions they can tangibly see.”

One-hundred percent of the survey respondents are certain that a patient education system is helping the PT do a better job and even expediting the patient’s rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy Billing | patient education SURVEY RESULTS


“When a patient actually understands the root cause of their symptoms and how the plan his physical therapist is recommending will help them regain the functionality in their lives, they will tell their friends and loved ones about it!” adds Jason Barnes, COO of Vericle, “This lays a foundation for healthy patients and a healthy practice.”