Physical Therapy Software | Billing System Features

Physical Therapy billing software featuresIn an effort to improve our clients’ physical therapy software user experience, we are offering a plethora of useful billing system features and constantly improve our billing system to help you manage your practice better. Through the Network Effect, we are able to evolve our physical therapy software and practice program to better suit your needs. We have released and will continue to release improvements to assist you in increasing your bottom line.

Home Tab
You can ask your SPOC to configure your Monthly Health Check Radar on your home page, according to the practice key performance indicators you want to track. Not only will you be able to use the dashboard to view up-to-date numbers but also the Radar chart to view overall practice successes and opportunities.


You can access context sensitive help buttons all over the system to assist you with understanding the practice management program.


We no longer assume that payments are reserved for charges from the same day. Instead, users will need to earmark payments for the charges they are meant for by filling in the service date field at the bottom of the Trans tab when entering a payment. Any payments not tagged with a service date will be applied to the oldest outstanding patient balance.