Physical Therapy Billing | Integrated bestPT and WebPT service

physical therapy software-integrationIntegrating bestPT physical therapy billing software with WebPT EMR software provides the best hybrid physical therapy billing solution. A charge created in WebPT travels to Vericle physical therapy billing software platform for electronic submission, financial reporting, and meticulous followup.

In a June EMR Monthly, WebPT Member Spotlight writes about McGovern Physical Therapy Associates: “For 9 years McGovern Physical Therapy used Windows based software for all of their documentation needs. While the software was useful and reliable, the process was too slow to be practical. Frustrated with the time wasted on documentation and IT headaches, Kevin McGovern found that a web-based EMR would solve the company’s problems. Read the rest of Kevin’s story.”

In a July Letter from the Founder, Heidi Jannenga PT, MPT, ATC/L, WebPT’s Co-Founder / COO, tells about MLB All Star weekend: “…brought one of WebPT’s All Stars to Phoenix: Mr. Kevin McGovern, PT, DPT, CSCS, founder of McGovern Physical Therapy Associates in Massachusetts. Having just opened his fourth facility in May, Kevin needed a little R&R watching one of his favorite past times. Home run derby and a juicy bacon wrapped steak…. hard to beat that! We love to meet our members face to face and welcome anyone to call and stop by our offices if you are in Phoenix.”

To complement WebPT’s visit documentation system with billing functionality and an integrated billing service, Kevin hired bestPT:

The integrated WebPT and bestPT solution helps to:

  1. Eliminate double entry of demographic patient information or billing codes
  2. Generate billing claims automatically and submit on a schedule determined by you to ensure reliable, accurate and timely submission
  3. Transmit demographic or documentation changes noted via addendum after a rehab claim submission
  4. Use visibility reports to review the records/codes submitted with descriptive alerts when billing issues occur

The integrated solution allows reconciliation of

  1. charges in both systems at the end of each day
  2. payer lists
  3. provider names and NPI numbers
  4. secondary insurance information

WebPT is the EMR in the Cloud. BestPT is the Billing System in the Cloud. This means you can connect securely from anywhere at any time. There’s no software to install so you can decide how and where your clinic connects.