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8 Steps to Creating a Customer Reactivation Campaign – Part 2

by Steve Messineo

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As I noted in my Part 1 video of 8 Steps to Creating a Customer Reactivation Campaign (you can view it here), having a strategy in place for getting old customers to come back and buy your products and services again, is a great way to generate revenue.

Why? Because these are people who have already bought from you before. So, they already have some familiarity with your products and service, and if you had previously provided them with a great customer experience, then there is no reason why they wouldn’t buy from you again. They just need some prompting to do so.

That is where your reactivation campaign comes in. But in order to be effective with it, you need to know the 8 steps for creating an effective customer reactivation campaign. You may have seen the first four steps in part 1.

  • Make a list of your potential customers and offer a reactivation discount to them. Show your customers that you understand them. They will be glad to know that you understand their needs. Do a split test and offer discounts for some of the customers, but not for all of them. This is a strategy to make these particular customers more interested.
  • Write something interesting when you send email to the old customers. Don?t just write, ?We are offering huge discounts. We want you back?. Write something that makes them interested in your products and services. For example, if some customer used to buy video games, write about all the new technologies that have happened in video games. Highlight new contents that you have added to your site. Customers can get discounts anywhere. It’s your content and products that attract them.
  • Make it easy for the customers to come back. If they left two years ago, they have forgotten their username and passwords. Send them this information in email or make it easy for them to find it. If you offer a discount code, make it clear where they should enter it.
  • You can also reach your customers through social media sites. For example, if the customers are on Twitter and if they follow you, send them a direct message instead of a formal email. Email marketing is a good idea but you can also try other channels to get back your customers.

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