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8 Steps to Creating a Customer Reactivation Campaign – Part 1

by Steve Messineo

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A key strategy to customer relationship management is knowing when to initiate a customer reactivation campaign to get your old customers to buy from you again.

This strategy is a great way to generate revenue for your business because you are reaching out to and re-engaging with people who you already know and like the products and services you have to offer because of previous purchases.

Unfortunately, customers occasionally fall by the wayside with respect to your marketing efforts. They may not have visited your business in a few years and possibly fell out of your marketing funnel. This does not mean they don’t want to hear from you. In fact, a reminder, sent out the right way, may spur them to visit your business once again to make a purchase.

But setting up the reactivation campaign THE RIGHT WAY is key! In this video, I go into details on how to do this correctly, and how you can get access to a great tool for assisting you with and improving your marketing efforts. So, check the video out now!

You have to develop a strategy to be successful in this type of campaign. Below are bullet points for the first four steps for developing a customer reactivation campaign on which I go into more detail in the video:

  • Decide your target customers. Make a list of the customers you want to reactivate. Are you going to target people who bought from you 6 months ago or two years ago? Are you going to target men or women?
  • What is your goal for the campaign? Are you looking to re-engage your customer into your business by introducing a new product or to up sell them on something they already own?
    You need to understand the reason why the customers left. Were they not satisfied with your products or service? Were the products expensive? If you know the reasons, you can address them in the messages you send.
  • Segment your target customers by personal or purchase habits. If you know your customers well, you can make your campaign more effective by writing to their specific wants and needs.

Don’t just send a formal message to your customers. Instead, write something which reflects that you admire them and they?ll become interested again in your business.

Reactivation campaigns are a very good opportunity to get back old customers and re-engage with them. They are also a great way to generate additional revenue for your business. Check out the video now to learn more!

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