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How To Develop a Plan for Your Business: Part 1

by Steve Messineo

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Hey it’s Steve Messineo from Today I wanna talk about developing your mission and your vision statement for your business as you develop your one-page business plan. Once again, yesterday I talked about The One Page Business Plan by Jim Noran, a book that you can see on the screen. I highly recommend you take a look. Just click the link and you’ll be taken to amazon. In a separate page in your browser, you can buy the book there.

So the first thing you need to do with a one-page business plan is develop your vision statement. It allows you essentially to define what your business is gonna do over the next year or several years depending on how you wanna approach it. I like to ready to plan year over year and have a plan in place for the year that I’m currently working in in my business.

Vision statement basically defines what you’re gonna do is from the growth standpoint for your company, what your company is, who the customers that you serve and what type of products or services that you offer to those customers and what your goals are for the year coming up, whether be revenue wise or customer service wise or what have you. That is your vision statement. It’s a little bit broader statement but it’s something that when you develop the statement, it’s something that you want to resonate especially if you’re a small business owner and you have employees and you want the people on your team in your business to buy in to your statement. You wanna have it resonate with them and also resonate with your customers. It should be something that if you were to present it to one of your customers, they’ll go “oh that’s pretty cool, I like that. I’m coming to get service” because they appreciate your vision statement. So you wanna make sure it’s customer service oriented in that respect as well. Again, the strategies for building this vision statement are found in the book so I highly recommend you get it.

After you built your vision statement you’re gonna create your mission statement. Your mission statement is really why you exist and why you exist for your customers. For example, Nike’s mission statement is ‘Just do it.’ My mission statement for my coaching business is ‘proven solutions to grow your business’; Dunkin’ Donuts, ‘America runs on Dunkin’. It’s essentially your slogan but in some ways it should resonate your customers as well. It’s a statement that’s generally 8 words or less and should be catchy. Something that people are going to remember for example, in my physical therapy business, one of our mission statements used to be “Your road to recovery starts here” and something that people will remembered in the community when it came time to getting a physical therapy services. So try to come up with something that is memorable, that is short and sweet, and that is customer oriented. In other words the slogan relays what you’re going to do for your customers.

Those are the first 2 steps in developing a one-page business plan. Once again, you can get that book on amazon. Here’s the link to the page on amazon where you can get it. Also if you like to talk with me and have me help you build your one-page plan, that’s something that I do with all my clients, I’ll be happy to talk to you about doing so. You can click this link Get yourself scheduled for a one on one consultation with me where we talk about what type of business you’re building, what type of business you’re looking into, and the steps that you need to put in place to develop a great plan forward.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.