New Feature – Client Invoice Lookup | Physical Therapy Software

For everyone who works on the finance side of our client practices, it can provide peace of mind to know where their money is going – and that the right amount is going to work for them.

With bestPT’s new Client Invoice Lookup feature, you can get a preview of your monthly invoice, so you can see what you’re going to be billed — before the charges are actually issued. Further, this feature allows you to look at your current invoice, or go back over invoices from any period of time since they’ve been on the system.

The Client Invoice Lookup gives you the power to examine individual line items on your invoices, for improved transparency. You know exactly what you’re being billed for, and how much, thereby allowing you to dispute charges you feel were made in error. By taking advantage of this new feature, and seeing exactly how our fees are being applied, you are better able to appreciate the full value of the services bestPT provides.