Physical Therapy Software | New Network Members in May 2014

Physical Therapy Software_new-network-membersSeven new members across five practices joined bestPT in May. Congratulations! Each member benefits from and contributes to the size of bestPT’s network as we use the shared knowledge in the battle against the payers.

This proverbial strength in numbers helps you build your dream practice using our physical therapy practice management software, billing, and profitability coaching services.

Let’s welcome bestPT’s newest members:

  1. Shawnna Gaffney and Nadine Smith of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, PLLC, Austin, TX.

  2. Una Buck of of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy North Star LLC, Round Rock, TX.

  3. Erik Barnes and Megan Bartlett of Kid’s Creek, Inc. Suwanee, GA.

  4. Katrina Graham of Melwood Rehabilitation Center Inc., Upper Marlboro, MD.

  5. Jasmine Pacal of Onward Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, Inc., San Diego, CA.