Physical Therapy Billing | Win the Reimbursement Battle and Increase their Patient Visits in the New Year

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Bellmore, NY (PRWEB) November 5, 2010

Measurable Solutions, a management training and consulting company, and bestPT a physical therapy billing service network, are joining forces to provide practice owners with needed tools to improve their reimbursements and expand their practices.

“I hired my second PT in 3 months! My third PT after 7 months! I am still hiring and growing. I love how my own personal economy is indifferent to whatever else is occurring!”

~Dr. Lisa J. Allen, PT, owner of BioMechanic Physical Therapy in Leesburg VA, and a client of Measurable Solutions.

“We invited Measurable Solutions, a management training and consulting company, to teach our growing network of practice owners the needed tools to expand their practices in a turbulent economic environment,” says David Macolino, President of bestPT, a platform for physical therapy practice management, documentation, and billing.

“The first most important aspect of managing your own practice is to maximize all activities that generate revenue and minimize the time you have to spend on any activities that cost you resources or time,” says Shaun Kirk, physical therapist and President of Measurable Solutions. “So that means that if more people knew about how good you are at what you do, then your practice expands. But if you spend lots of time documenting your visits or following up on billing instead of marketing or caring for your patients, then your practice will stagnate and you will drive yourself sick working too hard for too little.”

“Healthcare cost reduction will continue to be the mantra of our economy,” says David Macolino. “But we want our clients to continue to grow their profitability. So our answer to declining reimbursements and increasing regulatory scrutiny is patient growth and office management automation. Measurable Solutions helps build thriving practices by turning clinicians into effective executives.”

“We discovered that bestPT is especially effective in reducing practice administration costs and increasing its revenue. It’s unique all-in-one automated solution covers every aspect of profitable practice management from patient loyalty management, to rapid and compliant documentation, and to disciplined, 100% transparent, and accountable billing,” concludes Shaun Kirk.

About Measurable Solutions

Measurable Solutions trains private practitioners to become executives in their practice. The primary focus is on applying an effective public relations and marketing program that increases patient volume. Their simple step-by-step program called the New Patient Course has helped nearly 2000 private practices expand without the owner having to leave the office and visit physicians. It works for the big and the small practices alike.

BestPT unites hundreds of physical therapy and rehab billing systems nationwide on a single system. By consolidating operations, bestPT tracks payer performance from a single point of control, shares payer compliance rules globally, and continuously matches its physical therapy and rehabilitation billing rules to evolving payer’s environment. Every provider on the network can view in real-time, the status of every single claim in process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.