Custom-Made EMR For Ease-of-Use and Compliance

Physical Therapy Billing | Custom-Made EMR For Ease-of-Use and Compliance

The PDF can be automatically faxed with eFax from within the system to any selected number: hit the PDF button >> hit PRINT >> select eFax >> enter the fax number.

You can keep using your favorite physical therapy billing forms on bestPT’s ONC-certified system. No doubt it took you years to create the perfect physical therapy billing forms for your practice. They are easy to use and help communicate your unique physical therapy expertise to referring doctors or insurance companies.

Most physical therapy practice owners associate a transition to an ONC certified system with two painful changes. First, there is a change to their practice flow and secondly a transition to an entirely new form standard that requires painful training of staff on this new technology. In many cases, the transition cost and the lack of practice expertise reflected in the new forms are so high that physical therapy practice owners just stay with their current paper-based process, putting up with added costs, inefficiencies, and lack of compliance.

In light of the upcoming mandatory switch to EHR for all medical practices bestPT offers xDocs documentation technology, natively integrated with scheduling and billing. In short, you can choose your next step from one of the following options:

  • Use our compliant and ONC certified “out of the box” EHR
  • Pick and choose forms from a rich library of pre-built forms and have us customize it for your unique changes
  • Have us replicate your own paper form in xDocs, and turn it into an integral health record

xDocs offer multiple advantages:

  • Faster data entry processing because of automatically populated demographics
  • Easy access to EHR from any location at any time of your convenience
  • Instant sign off and billing

We offer this service absolutely free of charge. Optionally, you can also hire a compliance adviser who specializes in Physical Therapy practice management to review your forms and advise you on the optimal workflow. We recommend hiring Dave Alben of Genco for his familiarity with bestPT and xDocs.