Physical Therapy Software | Compare Cost of Visit Documentation with EHR

physical therapy documentation_compare cost with xDocsYou can easily reduce your visit documentation frustrations with Best PT’s xDocs. xDocs simplify and expedite your daily physical therapy documentation process. This cuts your documentation time and improves your profitability while maintaining compliance.  After all, you are not getting paid for time spent on completing or searching for documentation.

So you will sleep better because you won’t have to worry about failing audits, or unpaid claims due to missing patient info. Best of all, you can complete your documentation in a few clicks with xDocs while still table-side with your patient. Then simply submit your claim in one single click as soon as you are done with your notes since xDocs documentation is located on the same screen as your physical therapy billing platform.

This optimized physical therapy billing and documentation process also makes it easy for you to send your patient documentation to referring doctors as well as payers with the appropriate ICD and CPT codes. The various customization options available are handled by Best PT’s support team so that your documentation keeps its familiar look, even in digital format.

Reducing your documentation time from ten minutes down to two minutes with xDocs will also improve your efficiency. Improved efficiency results in more income for your practice since you will reduce the amount of lost income due to time spent on documentation.

You can figure out just how much time and money your practice will be able to save when switching to xDocs. Simply replace the assumptions below with your own practice numbers and complete the calculations.

For example:


  • Your average monthly revenue: $20,000.
  • Your average patient visits per month: 280.
  • Your monthly hours of operation: 180.
  • Your average documentation time per patient: 10 minutes.

Calculations: Potential savings with reduced documentation time of 2 minutes:

  • Your average time per visit: 180 hours/ 280 visits = 39 minutes
  • Time with patient: 39 minutes – 2 minutes= 37 minutes
  • Your efficiency: 37 minutes/39 minutes = 95%

=> Total Monthly documentation time with 2-minute documentation time:

280 visits x 2 minutes = 9 hours

Compare to efficiency with documentation time of 10 minutes:

  • Time with patient: 39 minutes – 10 minutes = 29 minutes
  • Your efficiency: 29 minutes/39 minutes = 74%
  • Your hourly value: $20,000/(180 hours x 74%) = $150

=> Total Monthly documentation time with 10-minute documentation time:

280 visits x 10 minutes = 47 hours

=> Time Savings with 2-minute documentation time:47 hours – 9 hours = 38 hours

By reducing your documentation time from ten to two minutes, however, you can save $67,200 per year ($5,600 per month). Additionally, you will be saving 38 hours per month that you can now spend on treating more patients.

If you need help comparing the real cost of your current physical therapy documentation software to xDocs’ improved documentation time and cost, please request an Individual Practice Evaluation. One of bestPT’s profitability specialists will assist you.

Simplify your physical therapy documentation with intuitive EHR software

Physical Therapy Software_Documentation with xDoc | BillingIf you are anxious about the new compliance standards effective Oct.1, 2014, fret not. You can rest assured that bestPT’s xDocs will automatically be updated with all required codes to make it easy for you to stay compliant. Also keep in mind that your paper forms will be pretty much obsolete. In other words, you won’t get paid at all if you submit paper forms after Oct.1 of next year.

“Our experience with setting up and using xDocs has been great. The team took my original document and was able to transform it into a functional document that we could easily access and use through the system. I was impressed with how quickly they were able to initially make the document. I was also equally impressed at how patient they were with me as we used the document and needed to make adjustments. They did so each time and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. We are looking into the possibilities of streamlining other documents into xDocs now.”

~ Melanie McGriff, Kids Creek Therapy

And since patient relationships are at the heart of your physical therapy business, xDocs have also been designed to help you turn your patients into raving fans. You can make a good impression by letting your patients use the xDocs Kiosk to check in for their appointments. Instead of filling out endless intake forms by hand your patients will only need to submit their info once. Our cloud based bestPT physical therapy software system saves everything instantly for secure storage and convenient access at any time of the day or night. You can further strengthen your bond with your patients by sending them their individual care plans through xDocs as email or PDF.

Here are 5 different ways you can use xDocs in your physical therapy practice:

1. Have patients fill out their intake forms at practice’s patient kiosk
2. Complete forms with patient while still table side
3. Provide alternative documentation to original platform:

  • PT notes
  • PT xDoc package was developed by PTs and Medicare compliance officers

4. Insurance verification forms
5. Care Plan communication to patients

Although xDocs offers a multitude of useful features for completing a variety of physical therapy billing and documentation tasks at your practice, it is easy to use pretty much ‘right out of the box’ and only requires minimal training. And unlike buying expensive physical therapy billing software, xDocs are already included in bestPT’s cloud based system at no extra charge and don’t require installation on your PC. Contact your SPOC to request xDocs access for your account.

How to find and use xDocs in your bestPT platform:

1. How to find xDocs?

    • Go to the xDoc tab in the TravelCard and click New. If you do not have any xDoc templates, please open a ticket to your SPOC.
    • Go to the xDoc tab in the patient account and follow above instructions.
    • Go to Reports > Medical Records > xDoc Medical Records to see all the xDocs created for your patients. You can create new xDocs from this screen as well.

2. How to fill it out an xDoc?

    • xDoc templates consist of text boxes, drop down menus, checkboxes, and radio buttons. Click on the section header to expand the section.
    • Fill out the note and click Save.
    • To signoff on the note, click Signoff.
    • Click PDF to open the printable version in a new window. Right-click to save a copy to your computer, print, and/or fax (applicable if you have browser-based faxing).

If anyone at your physical therapy practice runs into any kind of problems with xDocs, they can find useful instructions on the appropriate help page by clicking on the question mark [?]. Our bestPT support staff will be happy to help as well. Simply open a ticket to your SPOC with a short description of the of the issue.

You can learn more about xDocs in our Live Online Help session scheduled for this Thursday, June 20 at 3:30 p.m. ET by going to:

Dial-in: (949) 202-4265

Access Code: 8320258#

Increase your clinic's profitability with EHR

Physical therapy billing_convert_paper_to_digital-documentationYou can save valuable time and improve your physical therapy clinic’s profitability by switching from paper patient documentation to digital xDocs. Use of xDocs has been proven to boost overall physical therapy billing performance in our clients’ practices.

An xDoc is simply an intuitive digital form, not unlike your own paper forms, that is integrated into bestPT’s physical therapy billing system. It makes billing easier by being easily accessible and manageable. There is no magic here, xDocs are so easy to use that you document the each patient visit and bill it with a single click, on the spot. It’s that easy! Read more

Custom-Made EMR For Ease-of-Use and Compliance

Physical Therapy Billing | Custom-Made EMR For Ease-of-Use and Compliance

The PDF can be automatically faxed with eFax from within the system to any selected number: hit the PDF button >> hit PRINT >> select eFax >> enter the fax number.

You can keep using your favorite physical therapy billing forms on bestPT’s ONC-certified system. No doubt it took you years to create the perfect physical therapy billing forms for your practice. They are easy to use and help communicate your unique physical therapy expertise to referring doctors or insurance companies.

Most physical therapy practice owners associate a transition to an ONC certified system with two painful changes. First, there is a change to their practice flow and secondly a transition to an entirely new form standard that requires painful training of staff on this new technology. In many cases, the transition cost and the lack of practice expertise reflected in the new forms are so high that physical therapy practice owners just stay with their current paper-based process, putting up with added costs, inefficiencies, and lack of compliance.

In light of the upcoming mandatory switch to EHR for all medical practices bestPT offers xDocs documentation technology, natively integrated with scheduling and billing. In short, you can choose your next step from one of the following options:

  • Use our compliant and ONC certified “out of the box” EHR
  • Pick and choose forms from a rich library of pre-built forms and have us customize it for your unique changes
  • Have us replicate your own paper form in xDocs, and turn it into an integral health record

xDocs offer multiple advantages:

  • Faster data entry processing because of automatically populated demographics
  • Easy access to EHR from any location at any time of your convenience
  • Instant sign off and billing

We offer this service absolutely free of charge. Optionally, you can also hire a compliance adviser who specializes in Physical Therapy practice management to review your forms and advise you on the optimal workflow. We recommend hiring Dave Alben of Genco for his familiarity with bestPT and xDocs.

Physical Therapy Billing | Easily locate patient medical records

Physical Therapy Billing | Getting_Your_Medical_RecordsYour bestPT physical therapy billing software gives you complete access to and control of your xDocs from virtually anywhere within our platform so that you can easily update and all of your patients’ medical records. Each note is given a unique identification number upon creation. Its name depends on the record creation method, and there are two different ways you can find them in the system:

XMR Medical Records

Tracking: If you create a physical therapy note using XMR, this number is called the Medical Record Number (MR#). To see the Medical Record Numbers, go to the MR2 tab of the patient account.
Searching: You can also search by this number in the XMR Medical Records Report (Reports > Medical Records > XMR Medical Records).

Physical Therapy Billing | xmr


XDoc Medical Records

  1. Tracking: If you create a physical therapy note using XDocs, this number is called the Digest number. The Digest number will be included in all XDoc tabs.
  2. Searching: You can also search by this number in the XDoc Medical Records Report (Reports > Medical Records > XDoc Medical Records).

Physical Therapy Billing | updated xdoc

Physical Therapy Billing | Simplify patient data collection with EHR Kiosk


Physical Therapy Billing | xDocsXDocs are now integrated with your bestPT physical therapy software as Kiosk login so that your patients can fill out their patient intake forms right at the time of check-in.  The xDoc will be saved in the patient’s account, eliminating the need for your Front Desk to compile the paperwork.

Interested in adding this feature? Open a ticket to your SPOC with the name of the template you want to add to your Kiosk login.

You can only add one XDoc template at a time. If you would like to merge your XDoc templates so that the patient can fill out all your necessary forms, please open a ticket to your SPOC.


Physical Therapy Software | EHR software boosts compliance

Physical Therapy Billing | access_our_library_of_prebuilt_forms
Paper is used everywhere in healthcare, including at your physical therapy practice. From intake forms to basic tests, paper is used to document information and test results.  One common form that is used across the country is the Dynamic Gait Form that was adapted from Shumway-Cook & Woollacott Motor Control: Theory and Practical Applications, 1995.
This form is on average four pages long. If you use this one form 125 times a month you will use one ream of paper (500 sheets).  Once you have seen the patient and recorded your results you must then either a.) scan the document into your system and attach it to the patient file, or b.) re-enter the data into your  EMR and include it with the patient file.
At this point at least three people have had to handle this document.  One person needs to copy the document for mass use, a second person will need it during the treatment of the patient, and a third one to input the data into the system. While this seems to be a bit extreme and micromanaging the process of this one form, how many forms does your office use? How much time, excluding treatment, does this one form take to complete as a purely administrative task.
If the administrative task takes two minutes and you do this 125 times a month, you spend 250 minutes a month on this one form. That is over four hours a month for one person to copy and input just this one form.  What if you have ten forms that take about the same time to complete.  You would be paying one person a full week’s wage to just scan a form into a patient file!
What if the form was already in your EHR and automatically attached itself to the correct patient file?  What if the form auto-filled demographic information from the patient file as soon as you opened it?

With xDocs you can boost compliance

Physical Therapy Software | access_xdocs_from_schedulerThe image here is a direct screen shot of how xDocs looks in bestPT’s physical therapy software system. Patient demographics are automatically loaded into the form.  Notice the pull downs to complete the form.  The greatest part about the entire process is that only one person needs to touch the document: the provider!  Once the form is completed, the document is saved and automatically attached to the patient file! The form also calculates the results to minimize math errors and the time, while only seconds, to do the calculation manually.
As your physical therapy practice management solution bestPT strives to save you time and money. The introduction of xDocs allows you to save minutes, both in learning the form and in using the form. This additional feature will allow you to spend more time with your patients and building your practice.

Watch this video for brief overview on xDocs:

Physical Therapy Billing | Member Profile: Kathleen Pegues talks about EHR software at work

Physical Therapy Billing client Kathleen PeguesKathleen Pegues, Occupational Therapist and CEO of Bit by Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, says “Because of our partnership with bestPT, Bit by Bit is now able to concentrate on patient care. More focus on growing our business; less focus on administration, billing and paperwork.”

A change to a new SOAP note system is often difficult because it requires the entire office to learn how to use the new system, including new forms, new menus, and a new workflow. The right SOAP notes system can actually save time and increase the accuracy of patient record documentation. The best approach is to select a system that is customized around the unique needs of your specialty. The critical clinical content should be already expressed in its template designs.  

That’s why Kathleen has recently implemented her PT/OT Evaluation form design and her Plan of Care notes in xDocs, a new tool that allows clinicians to create their own forms, instantly tied to their patient database. Now Bit by Bit is able to concentrate on their patients clinical success without having to worry about missing any information during their physical therapy billing process.

Physical Therapy Software | EHR software saves you time and money on documentation

physical therapy software for documentation with xDocsBy Thomas Champine

Switching your physical therapy documentation from paperless to digital can save you time and money. The best part is that you can completely customize xDocs to match your existing paper documentation.

Introducing XDocs

XDocs is the result of a large and ongoing collaboration between you ( our clients) and bestPT to streamline our physical therapy software and practice management solution to be the most effective for you.

What is XDocs?

Simply put, XDocs is the digital version of the forms that you have in your office.  We have created a team whose primary goal is to convert your paper forms into usable digital files that are integrated with your bestPT system EHR. We now offer library of common, high customize-able forms that you can access through our network.

Saving Time and Money

  • Now that your forms are digital,  you will no longer need to scan completed forms into your system to be part of the patients medical record
  • Having large quantities of paper in your office or stacks of forms is no longer needed as the forms are stored on your computer
  • No more money or time spent copying blank forms to be used in your office
  • Shredding paper documents will become a thing of the past
I know that there are many, many more benefits of going paperless, too many for me to list on my own.  What do you think are the greatest benefits of going paperless in this way?
The introduction of XDocs allows your physical therapy practice to efficiently move into a completely paperless environment with a minimal learning curve.  Open a ticket to your SPOC to see what XDocs we have available and to schedule time with the XDocs team to get your physical therapy practice started!