Increase your clinic's profitability with EHR

Physical therapy billing_convert_paper_to_digital-documentationYou can save valuable time and improve your physical therapy clinic’s profitability by switching from paper patient documentation to digital xDocs. Use of xDocs has been proven to boost overall physical therapy billing performance in our clients’ practices.

An xDoc is simply an intuitive digital form, not unlike your own paper forms, that is integrated into bestPT’s physical therapy billing system. It makes billing easier by being easily accessible and manageable. There is no magic here, xDocs are so easy to use that you document the each patient visit and bill it with a single click, on the spot. It’s that easy!

Here are 4 examples on how the use of xDocs improved billing performance:

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xDocs is very easy to use and experience shows that full commitment to the use of xDocs for your physical therapy documentation has an immediate and positive impact on your physical therapy clinic’s billing performance.