Physical Therapy Billing | Patient Education Improves Rehabilitation Results

Physical Therapy Billing_Patient EducationStatistics show that PT patients retain less than seven percent of what is explained to them through traditional methods of physical therapists. Surveys also show that the lack of understanding by the patient of their condition is the number one reason for patient visit cancellations, a poor clinical experience and inadequate treatment plan compliance.

Solution – Patient Education
When patients know why they tend to comply! 3D Animation is a tried and tested method of communication that allows easy understanding by the patient and longer term retention of the information presented them.

3DRX have created the most extensive and professional library of Medical 3D Animations along with a massive library of Rehabilitation Exercises and a fleet of other Innovative Patient Education Products. The survey results from 22 practices across three countries, over a 8-month period using the 3DRX Products have been staggering:

  • 19% increase in New Patients
  • 27% reduction in Patient cancellations
  • 36% improvement in Patient Satisfaction with their clinical experience
  • 94% overall Practitioner satisfaction rate by the clinics using the program


Solution Features
Some of the main features that Practitioners liked most about the product:

  • World’s largest library of Physical Medical  Animations Library
  • New Rehabilitation Component with extensive Protocols
  • The Ability to communicate both Animations and Rehabilitation Programs
  • Being associated with the high end technology and innovative program
  • Having a tool that differentiates your clinic from others
  • Marketing your clinic in a professional and non- over solicitorial manner
  • Marketing your practice without feeling
  • like you are selling something to the patient


What we have done – The first PT-specialized Practice Management System solution integrated with Patient Education

BestPT has integrated with 3DRX to provide you with the Leading 3D Physical Medicine Animation and Rehabilitation Products. Our current practices can have in one click the full functionality of 3DRX, being able to vividly educate their patient and build a training rehabilitation program that will be accessible to the patients through our Patient Portal.