Physical Therapy Software | EHR software saves you time and money on documentation

physical therapy software for documentation with xDocsBy Thomas Champine

Switching your physical therapy documentation from paperless to digital can save you time and money. The best part is that you can completely customize xDocs to match your existing paper documentation.

Introducing XDocs

XDocs is the result of a large and ongoing collaboration between you ( our clients) and bestPT to streamline our physical therapy software and practice management solution to be the most effective for you.

What is XDocs?

Simply put, XDocs is the digital version of the forms that you have in your office.  We have created a team whose primary goal is to convert your paper forms into usable digital files that are integrated with your bestPT system EHR. We now offer library of common, high customize-able forms that you can access through our network.

Saving Time and Money

  • Now that your forms are digital,  you will no longer need to scan completed forms into your system to be part of the patients medical record
  • Having large quantities of paper in your office or stacks of forms is no longer needed as the forms are stored on your computer
  • No more money or time spent copying blank forms to be used in your office
  • Shredding paper documents will become a thing of the past
I know that there are many, many more benefits of going paperless, too many for me to list on my own.  What do you think are the greatest benefits of going paperless in this way?
The introduction of XDocs allows your physical therapy practice to efficiently move into a completely paperless environment with a minimal learning curve.  Open a ticket to your SPOC to see what XDocs we have available and to schedule time with the XDocs team to get your physical therapy practice started!

Physical Therapy Billing | BestPT is ready for Medicare changes!

There are new reporting requirement and billing requirements that go into effect in 2013. They started in January, but will not be required until July 31, 2013 so now is the time to learn about them! BestPT wants to make sure you have all of the information that you need to stay ahead of the Medicare curve.

During February, look for a webinar about G-codes, modifiers, and functional testing. We will also release information regarding documentation changes as well. We can’t wait to talk to you about this.

Physical Therapy specific G codes have been in effect since January 1, 2013. Full time use of these codes will not be mandated until July 31, 2013. BestPT has you prepared for these changes.

We are in the process of developing a Medicare compliant XDoc template with areas to document your G-Codes, modifiers, and functional testing. We anticipate completing this in the next month.

Physical Therapy Billing | Best Practices from Michael Walsh, PT

Michael Walsh, PT: I’m doing my documentation as I go. The hardest thing for me is if I become swamped or have a patient who just kind of shows up and they’re a new patient.

[youtube_video] hhBacYFiNA0 [/youtube_video]

I’ve got some establish patients here and stuff like that, I’ll make notes occasionally you know little range of motion things here and there but overall, if I have an established patient and their notes are already in the system, I can just plug in with the change. Did some of the treatment change? Maybe it did. Did their pain levels change? I hope so.

If certain things change, I may actually see I would…I can knock on a note for an established patient in probably 30 seconds. As I work I do my notes so I would say like on the hour, if I’m seeing, say I’m seeing two patients an hour, after I get them treated or doing some kind of exercise, I’ll knock out part of the note and then I’ll check the work bench.

With the insurance companies, I try to make sure I follow the rules to the T so at the end of the day, I get compensated and I stay compliant.

You guys call them with all the other stuff you know, why should I pay them? I don’t like this stuff, and for the most part I don’t want to hear from them.

Jason Barnes: Any chance you have a note that you need to complete right now?

Michael Walsh: You know it’s funny, while I was fooling around I just did my last note.

Jason Barnes: While you were here?

Michael Walsh: Yeah, while you guys were setting up. I did my last note then.

Jason Barnes: Can you give bestPT a rating right now.

Michael Walsh: It’s you know I’d say A+

I mean, its tough to find people who know how to do this stuff.

Having people on your payroll who call out sick, claims don’t go out. Phone calls don’t get made you know headaches, headaches, headaches.

You’re like me, where would you go? If I’m not getting paid, you’re not getting paid. If you’re not doing your job, I’m pissed off I mean its as simple as that.

You guys are a commission-based company so it forces you to do your job. Then you celebrate the 15th of the month, when that payment comes out. Seriously, that’s how it is.