The Power of Feedback for the Growth of Your Business

by Steve Messineo

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Have you tapped into the power of feedback from your customers/clients? Are you open to what they have to say about you and your business, no matter if it is negative criticism or positive comments?

If you have been receptive to feedback and open to what your customers have to say about you, then you are one step closer to greater success in your business. The question now is, what are you doing with the comments your customers are providing you? Are you taking action on them, leaving them be for another time, or choosing to ignore them because you believe you are right.

A huge piece to customer relationship management is being able to not only be receptive to a customer’s feedback (good or bad), but to also act on it in a way that shows your customers that you care and that you are willing to go the extra distance to retain them as a customer long term.

In this video, I discuss this in more detail and provide you with a way to consistently get feedback from your customers so that you can constantly be aware of the things your business does well and those things that your business does not do well that you need to correct.

If you know the true client experience, you can give better service and it helps to improve your business. If you can’t impress your customers, not only they will leave you but also they will give negative feedback to other people about your products or business. So, it’s always better to know the truth.

You can request your customers to rate your products in a scale of 1 to 10. Ask them about their experience with your products. Tell them to give true feedback. If they give your product 0 rating, it means your performance is very poor. If they give 10, it’s awesome. But if they give 6 or 7, your service is moderate. You can ask them what your company should do for them to get a 10/10 rating?

Many customers don’t want to give feedback because they are not sure about your reaction. Tell them you appreciate their feedback and it is to provide better service to them. They should realize that you care for them and that their feedback is valued.

This strategy is very useful to get your customers coming back for more. In fact, the overall impression of your business should be the summation of customer feedback. Honest feedback from customers helps grow your business and improve your product quality and services.

This simple process can easily be worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line if you choose to implement it. So watch the video now, and then let me know your feedback on it below!

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