Top 10 Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Golden Opportunities!

Physical Therapists and private practice rehabilitation owners continuously struggle with ways of marketing their services to the community where they provide services. We advertise, develop web sites and create elaborate marketing materials. In this marketing campaign, we often overlook our most valuable resources; ourselves and our staff.

Every day, in every thing we do, we are presented with opportunities to market our Physical Therapy service, skills and knowledge. Simple opportunities present themselves when attending local sporting events, going to a doctor visit with your child, or even offering words of advice to a local community group. When presented with these opportunities, it is important to remember to take a moment to make a connection with the other person and use the strategies listed below to make a lasting, positive impression. Making a good first impression is a singular opportunity! An opportunity which can change the profitability and success of your Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation practice.


1. Provide written schedule of appointments-A written schedule of appointments will improve the customers’ attendance by decreasing opportunities for cancellations due to not remembering the date/time of the appointment, location or phone number to call and reschedule.

2. Discuss what to strive for/goals-establishing goals with the client in cooperation with the Physical Therapist clarifies what therapy can and can not do for the client. A clear level of communication and expectations are established.

3. Provide written information-Home exercise programs, internet and written references provide ongoing learning at the client’s own pace and contributes to the client’s increased level of responsibility for their own success.

4. Start and end your session on time-Respect your client’s time and they will respect your time in return.

5. Send reports in a timely manner-Documenting treatment and delivering this information to the team of care providers effectively and efficiently helps to manage the timeliness of treatment protocols.

6. Discuss other therapies and their benefits-An informed client who makes their own choices will participate in the therapy plan of care with an increased level of commitment and success.

7. Serve as a referral source for family/client-The Physical Therapist is the coach. We must help the client access and successfully utilize the resources in their community in an appropriate manner to compliment, support and eventually be a replacement for the physical therapy program once they have achieved their rehabilitation goals.

8. Look for opportunities to promote yourself, coworkers and services-You are your own greatest advocate! Share conferences you have recently attended, materials you have read, and provide access to information your coworkers and team-mates are learning!

9. Provide business cards to contacts-Business cards do more than share vital statistics about credentials and contact information. They are a tangible reminders of your interaction which represent you and your company.

10. Send thank you note in appreciation for the visit-Common courtesy and appreciation are hallmarks in treating our clients with respect.

Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation practice owners can use the Top 10 Daily Golden Opportunities to market their services and skills. They take very little time or financial resources to implement. If you consistently capitalize on everyday opportunities, you may find the “small” impressions you make today will take root and grow into big returns in the future.

Gerilyn M. Gault, BSPT, is co-owner of the rehabilitation company and Account Specialist for bestPT. Gerilyn is an advanced neurological clinician with years of experience in professional staffing, private practice, contract and fiscal management.