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The Importance of Purpose in Your Business and Life!

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Many people, including small business owners, go through life without purpose. In other words, they are living, but they are not living the life they want and don’t have any passion for it. For small business owners in this position, not living with a purpose that resonates within your business can eventually lead to the downfall of the business.

Why? Because the business, in this case, may have once been a dream or the purpose for the business owner, but overtime he/she has lost the passion for it and therefore is just working in a job that he or she owns!

So, if you are a new business owner or someone who has been at it for years and is starting to lack passion for it, taking sometime to slow down and discover your true purpose in life will make a huge difference for you. Living a life of purpose where you look forward to your work because of how it positively affects others will springboard you to greater success in business and in life.

This is because of the motivation you will have for living a fulfilling purposeful life – you will not allow anything to get in your way! I share my personal example of living a purposeful life in this video. Check it out now.

If you are not living a purposeful life, you will be side-tracked. Generally, young people have an idea about what they want to do in their life. But often they have to change their job and give up their dreams to make money to support their family.

When I started my business as a physiotherapist, I thought it will be great to help people, have fun in clinic and make money. But as I grew, I realized that was not my purpose. My purpose is to help people build profitable, purposeful and sustainable businesses and I started doing that.

So, take some time and think from the depth of your soul what your purpose in life is. Think what you want to do actually. This will guide you to figure out your purpose and improve your business as well as lifestyle.

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Get More People to Respond to Your Marketing and Sales Copy – Education

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

There are 4 steps to getting more people to respond to your marketing and sales copy. These 4 steps are all part of the Conversion Equation and they include the Interrupt, Engagement, Education, and the Offer.

This is the 3rd video in the series I have created about the Conversion Equation. For the first one about the interrupt, click here.

For the second video on Engagement, click here.

The third step is Education. You need to educate your prospect on the value of your products/services in a way that gets them to believe that they would be an absolute fool if they did not do business with you.

To do that, you must spell out the specific benefits that a prospect will receive when he or she decides to use your product or service. You also need to make sure your copy or presentation demonstrates a great deal of enthusiasm or excitement.

Tell them about the benefits and services wisely. Don’t just say “we offer great prices and discounts”, “we offer excellent customer service” etc.  These are features, not benefits. Instead, tell them that you “are open 24 hours so they don’t have to worry about getting access to your products or  services when they want to”.   Again, state the benefit to the prospect.

Keeping your prospect engaged is very important during the educational portion of your ad copy.  Make it as exciting and informative as possible.

Include testimonials from other customers, data from your business, and celebrity association with your products or services in the education portion of your marketing and sales copy as PROOF of how what you have to offer will work for your target prospect.

The education section of your advertisement should be reliable. Your current or former customers are a good source for feedback on your advertisement.  Show it to them and take their feedback to make your marketing and sales copy even better.  It should even be good enough to make them want to come back again!

By the end of the education section, the prospect should be extremely open and excited about what you have to offer making it easy for you to convert them with an offer they would be foolish to refuse. We’ll talk more about the offer in the next video.

In the meantime, if you would like to see the offer I have for getting more information about the conversion equation AND getting access to a system that will help you easily implement all 4 parts of it into your marketing and sales copy, so you can attract more new customers sooner, click here.

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Get More People to Respond to Your Marketing and Sales Copy – The Interrupt

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Marketing and Sales is a lot like dating. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and that impression has to be great if you are going to succeed in getting the person looking at you (or your products/services) to want some more information.

To make a great impression with your marketing and sales copy, and to ultimately get more people to buy your products or services, you need to use the Conversion Equation in your marketing and sales copy writing process.

The first part of the Conversion Equation is the Interrupt. Your goal here is to interrupt your target audience’s stream of consciousness and get them looking at you.

The interrupt is generally a statement (videos, audio, networking) or headline (written copy) that garners attention because it provokes an emotion in your prospect, usually a pain point or problem that the prospect wants solved.

Your interrupt statement breaks your prospect’s steam of consciousness and “stirs the pot” in their brain, making them wonder if you have something that will help to address their problem or pain point.

Creating interrupt statements that really work can be extremely challenging for the average marketer and small business owner. Fortunately, I share a couple of resources in this video that provide proven headline/interrupt statements for you to consider in your marketing efforts.

Watch the video now to learn more, then click the following link here to get access to some great headlines and a few other bonuses to assist you with your sales and marketing efforts:

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How To Create A More Engaging LinkedIn Profile To Attract Prospects

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Building a good LinkedIn profile is extremely important. People first come to your profile to see what you are all about and how you could be of service to them. You should spend a good amount of time building an impressive and complete LinkedIn profile because it is your profile which projects you as a brand to the people whom you are trying to reach out to.

If you don’t have a very well done profile you are not going to get many connections to build your business. Your profile should be consistent with your profiles in other social media sites. If you present yourself as a different person at different sites people are likely to be confused about you and you will not be able to build a brand as a leader in your field of business.

Your profile should have background photo, information about yourself, your education, experience, test score summary of your business and details of what you have to offer. You can post your presentation, background and all your information that you consider relevant to your business interest. If you do volunteer work mention that, organizations you belong to and what you are really good at. List all your skills as people may come and endorse you which will prove your LinkedIn ranking. Remember to include recommendations, testimonials, companies and groups you belong to. Be careful to keep your profile truthful and accurate.

A powerful profile will go a long way to get you more customers and reach higher levels of success.

This video shows you how to do just that. If you want to learn more ways to build an impressive LinkedIn profile to gain recognition for your business, click the following link, schedule a complimentary consultation with me, and I’ll be glad to show you how:

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8 Steps to Creating a Customer Reactivation Campaign – Part 2

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

As I noted in my Part 1 video of 8 Steps to Creating a Customer Reactivation Campaign (you can view it here), having a strategy in place for getting old customers to come back and buy your products and services again, is a great way to generate revenue.

Why? Because these are people who have already bought from you before. So, they already have some familiarity with your products and service, and if you had previously provided them with a great customer experience, then there is no reason why they wouldn’t buy from you again. They just need some prompting to do so.

That is where your reactivation campaign comes in. But in order to be effective with it, you need to know the 8 steps for creating an effective customer reactivation campaign. You may have seen the first four steps in part 1.

  • Make a list of your potential customers and offer a reactivation discount to them. Show your customers that you understand them. They will be glad to know that you understand their needs. Do a split test and offer discounts for some of the customers, but not for all of them. This is a strategy to make these particular customers more interested.
  • Write something interesting when you send email to the old customers. Don?t just write, ?We are offering huge discounts. We want you back?. Write something that makes them interested in your products and services. For example, if some customer used to buy video games, write about all the new technologies that have happened in video games. Highlight new contents that you have added to your site. Customers can get discounts anywhere. It’s your content and products that attract them.
  • Make it easy for the customers to come back. If they left two years ago, they have forgotten their username and passwords. Send them this information in email or make it easy for them to find it. If you offer a discount code, make it clear where they should enter it.
  • You can also reach your customers through social media sites. For example, if the customers are on Twitter and if they follow you, send them a direct message instead of a formal email. Email marketing is a good idea but you can also try other channels to get back your customers.

As I mentioned in the video, this 8 step process can be found in my E-Learning system, a comprehensive online portal chock full of proven information and strategies to assist you with bringing in more leads and more customers to your business than you thought imaginable.

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Check it out today. I guarantee you will find a resource or resources in this system that can double your business revenue. If you have any questions, contact me for a complimentary consult. Thanks for watching!

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8 Steps to Creating a Customer Reactivation Campaign – Part 1

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

A key strategy to customer relationship management is knowing when to initiate a customer reactivation campaign to get your old customers to buy from you again.

This strategy is a great way to generate revenue for your business because you are reaching out to and re-engaging with people who you already know and like the products and services you have to offer because of previous purchases.

Unfortunately, customers occasionally fall by the wayside with respect to your marketing efforts. They may not have visited your business in a few years and possibly fell out of your marketing funnel. This does not mean they don’t want to hear from you. In fact, a reminder, sent out the right way, may spur them to visit your business once again to make a purchase.

But setting up the reactivation campaign THE RIGHT WAY is key! In this video, I go into details on how to do this correctly, and how you can get access to a great tool for assisting you with and improving your marketing efforts. So, check the video out now!

You have to develop a strategy to be successful in this type of campaign. Below are bullet points for the first four steps for developing a customer reactivation campaign on which I go into more detail in the video:

  • Decide your target customers. Make a list of the customers you want to reactivate. Are you going to target people who bought from you 6 months ago or two years ago? Are you going to target men or women?
  • What is your goal for the campaign? Are you looking to re-engage your customer into your business by introducing a new product or to up sell them on something they already own?
    You need to understand the reason why the customers left. Were they not satisfied with your products or service? Were the products expensive? If you know the reasons, you can address them in the messages you send.
  • Segment your target customers by personal or purchase habits. If you know your customers well, you can make your campaign more effective by writing to their specific wants and needs.

Don’t just send a formal message to your customers. Instead, write something which reflects that you admire them and they?ll become interested again in your business.

Reactivation campaigns are a very good opportunity to get back old customers and re-engage with them. They are also a great way to generate additional revenue for your business. Check out the video now to learn more!

Want access to my E-learning system? Then click here and I promise you will not regret your decision to do so.

The Power of Feedback for the Growth of Your Business

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Have you tapped into the power of feedback from your customers/clients? Are you open to what they have to say about you and your business, no matter if it is negative criticism or positive comments?

If you have been receptive to feedback and open to what your customers have to say about you, then you are one step closer to greater success in your business. The question now is, what are you doing with the comments your customers are providing you? Are you taking action on them, leaving them be for another time, or choosing to ignore them because you believe you are right.

A huge piece to customer relationship management is being able to not only be receptive to a customer’s feedback (good or bad), but to also act on it in a way that shows your customers that you care and that you are willing to go the extra distance to retain them as a customer long term.

In this video, I discuss this in more detail and provide you with a way to consistently get feedback from your customers so that you can constantly be aware of the things your business does well and those things that your business does not do well that you need to correct.

If you know the true client experience, you can give better service and it helps to improve your business. If you can’t impress your customers, not only they will leave you but also they will give negative feedback to other people about your products or business. So, it’s always better to know the truth.

You can request your customers to rate your products in a scale of 1 to 10. Ask them about their experience with your products. Tell them to give true feedback. If they give your product 0 rating, it means your performance is very poor. If they give 10, it’s awesome. But if they give 6 or 7, your service is moderate. You can ask them what your company should do for them to get a 10/10 rating?

Many customers don’t want to give feedback because they are not sure about your reaction. Tell them you appreciate their feedback and it is to provide better service to them. They should realize that you care for them and that their feedback is valued.

This strategy is very useful to get your customers coming back for more. In fact, the overall impression of your business should be the summation of customer feedback. Honest feedback from customers helps grow your business and improve your product quality and services.

This simple process can easily be worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line if you choose to implement it. So watch the video now, and then let me know your feedback on it below!

After watching, you can get access to the offer I make on it by clicking here. Don’t miss out on this offer as it can be a huge game changer for you and your business.

Check it out today. I guarantee you will find a resource or resources in this system that can double your business revenue. If you have any questions, contact me for a complimentary consult. Thanks for watching!



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The Formula For Success Of Your Small Business

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

As a small business owner, you may wonder what is the formula for achieving greater success in your business. Well, the answer is quite simple, but you are going to have to double the rate of doing something you would RATHER NOT DO!

What is this thing you’ll need to do that most business owners want to avoid at all costs, you ask?  To find out, you’ll have to watch the video. I promise it will all make sense when you are done though.

What I can tell you is that what you would rather not do will be the secret ingredient to making your business more successful, because it will provide you with the information you need to improve upon the systems you have already established in your business and achieve better outcomes.  What you would rather not do is really a learning tool for you and it is absolutely necessary, believe it or not.

You may have guessed by now what I am writing about, but if you haven’t, watch the short video below for the answer.  When you do, you’ll quickly understand what I am talking about and be more comfortable doing the thing you would normally avoid doing, more frequently in your business.

Additionally, I will provide you with an excellent resource for helping you through the process you will need to go as you implement the formula for success in your small business.  This resource is top notch and I highly recommend it.


In fact, you can get the resource I mention as well as a bunch of other great business building resources here:

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Generate More Revenue for Your Business with Joint Ventures

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

You can utilize the power of internet to generate more revenue for yourself by just referring a product or service to someone else’s business.  This is known as affiliate marketing or joint ventures.  It is also a good way to promote your business because it costs less than advertising as you will see in the example I provide below with respect to my coaching business.

To generate more revenue for your business using this strategy you need to reach out to other business owners to see if they are open to partnering this way. Simply by referring people in your network to the businesses whose services you utilize for your own, you can create a nice source of additional income for you and your business.

I will show you a few examples of how you can do so in this video. (Take a look!)

Here is a personal example; I use Infusionsoft CRM in my business, which I find very useful. If I get one person to start using it I earn $500 just for making a reference. Similarly for each person I refer for the My Online Business Education business (MOBE) I earn $1000.

As you know, I am a business coach.  When someone refers a client to me for my services, and I payout $46 a month for use of my E-Learning system.  I also payout $500 for a referral to my one-on-one coaching service.

As you can see, joint ventures or affiliate marketing is a great way of making money. There are many tools and systems I can suggest for making an extra income stream using this strategy.

When you are done, if you would like to talk to me and get some more details on how to get more revenue with joint ventures and affiliate marketing and make your business successful, schedule a complimentary consultation with me here:

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A Positive Way to Prepare for Creating a Video

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

One of the secrets to making great videos for your audience that my business coach shared with me is by creating an ‘I am’ list.

What do I mean? Well, let’s just say it is a tool for helping you create a positive mindset just before you film or video or give a presentation for that matter and it makes a huge difference. Check out this video to find out why!

When you are done, I have a special offer for you at:

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